If you are looking for something that can convert your ordinary dining area into extraordinary, its time you consider a chandelier. There are several options available when it comes to buying a crystal chandelier, and this makes the task of buying one a bit overwhelming.

However, if you are aware of a few styles, planning, selecting, and purchasing all will become easier. Consider checking out the collection of rectangular pendant light by Sofary. They have stunning options that can add beauty and luxury to any dining room. In addition, their Rectangular Raindrop Crystal Pendant Light is something you shouldn’t miss out on.

Chandelier Styles For Dining Rooms

1. Crystal Chandeliers

Whether you buy a contemporary crystal chandelier or a traditional crystal chandelier, it will surely add some class and beauty to your dining area. There are many different types and shakes of crystals, and you can pick one depending on the type of light effects you wish to have. You can even it for crystal chandeliers with dimmer settings.

2. Pendant Chandeliers

Pendant chandeliers add a sense of luxury to any room. This is the reason why you will always spot pendant chandeliers in high-end restaurants and hotels. They stand out from other light fixtures and brighten up dining areas as no other light fixture can.

3. Candle Chandeliers

Nothing says grace and elegance like candle chandeliers. They simply look magical especially when you are having a romantic dinner. Besides, you can install a chandelier that looks like a candle chandelier but runs on electricity. If you have designed your dining area in farmhouse style, a candle chandelier will prove to be your best option.

4. Contemporary Chandeliers

Modern chandeliers are designed keeping in mind class and sophistication. These chandeliers are usually minimalist in design, and thus adding other decorative features to the room is possible.

5. Track Lighting Chandeliers

These are technologically advanced chandeliers. They spread the glow throughout the room and have multiple lighting controls. You will start enjoying the benefits of this chandelier as soon as you install them.

Rectangular Pendant Chandeliers: things you must know

Rectangular pendant chandeliers are by far the best combination of traditional and contemporary design concepts. They are available in multiple designs, finishes, and sizes. If you are out to make a purchase, it is good to know that now this light fixture comes with low-heat LED bulbs as well. Plus, there is the dimmer installed with them and thus controlling the light brightness and thereby the mood of the room is possible.

If you have a huge dining area, a chandelier supporting brighter color temperatures like 3000k or 4000k is ideal. Then again, for decorative purposes, you can depend on 2700k color temperature bulbs.

Along with lighting, even consider the hanging height. It is recommended that you hang a lighting fixture at least 28 to 36 inches above the dining table surface, kitchen tops, or any other furniture. If it’s an open area, keep it at least 60 to 70 inches above the floor. To avoid making any mistakes, it is best to involve an electrician or a contractor right from the beginning.

Your dining room should be as luxurious as any other room in your house. Adding a rectangular pendant chandelier will simply make it classier and stylish.

By Kamila

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